At Independent Pest Management we handle animal removal, pest control, rodent control and bee removal.We are nuisance wildlife control experts, providing animal removal. 

All of our extermination projects are carefully and professionally completed with the safety of your home, family and pets always are main concern.

Once we’ve set out toxic ant bait, expect to see lots of ants (initially). It means the ants are taking the bait  back to the colony where they’ll share it with the rest of the ants.There might be thousands of ants back at the nest and the poison being brought back to them will kill them.

At Independent Pest Management we're professional exterminators that have undergone rigorous training to ensure we provide our customers first-rate service. If you live in the Albany, Saratoga or Clifton Park area of NY and are dealing with pests, call us at Independent Pest Managment to rid yourself of unwanted pests! 

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We offer honest, prompt and reliable estimates. If you live in the Albany, Saratoga or Clifton Park area of NY call us at Independent Pest Management LLC for all your pest control needs!


Whether it’s our quick, quality, friendly service or the honesty and value we bring to every interaction, our customers love us.


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  • Timely, quality removal of all rodents, insects, critters
  • Friendly service
  • Honest cost estimates
  • Ridding your home of unwanted pests

Independent Pest Management LLC is a respected pest control contractor in Albany, Saratoga or Clifton Park, NY.

Call us at (518) 587-2644 and trust our highly trained specialists in the field of insect removal.

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